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Robb Bank$ AKA 2Phone Shawty


Robb Bank$ AKA 2Phone Shawty

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Robb Bank$ - That Sound (Prod. Zaytoven)

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og-loner asked : you think Bank$ will ever come to Michigan? he slowly getting a bigger fan base here.

i have no clue … if you want him in your city, book him :)

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creamiepies-deactivated20140319 asked : did robb take off the ask section of his tumblr? =( I just wanna sit on his face.

yes he did and this is probably why lmao

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Anonymous asked : Personal blog?
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sdotbraddy asked : appreciate the reblog..

no problem :)

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Anonymous asked : yo what's the sample on "Get it how you live" (January) ?? Too hard G

moments in love - the art of noise

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lesleyresendiz asked : Love your blog xo

thank you bby <3

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hey guys. i moved to ATL recently so i’ve been getting settled and honestly forgot about updating lol i will update soon i promise. i love you guys and hope you’re all doing well and still loving robb bank$ :-)

(ps to all the people in my inbox i’m not robb bank$ but i will do my best to answer all your questions about him very soon)

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With this year coming to a close, I decided to share my top 5 releases (Mixtape or Albums) of 2013. I feel as though this was a great year for music in general. Please note this is my personal taste. It mostly likely differs from yours. So without further ado I present to you izanagiedits top 5 releases of 2013. 

  1. Robb Bank$ - Tha City (Mixtape)
  2. Pusha T - My Name Is My Name (Album)
  3. Danny Brown - OLD (Album)
  4. The Internet - Feel Good (Album)
  5. The Underachievers - Indigoism (Mixtape) 
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